Customer Testimonials

I just recently started using your mask. I want to tell you that it is a tremendous improvement over the Hobbyair. I can't believe how much air I am getting from your rig now. It is truly amazing. I just kept the Hobbyair on out our laziness. What you are selling here is a terrific supplied air unit and a necessity for someone like myself, who welds painted steel a good amount of time. You may recall, I am an artist. I had a call from another artist for a referral recently. Send me as many referrals as you want . I can't say enough good things about your product. (Jan B).

This thing absolutely rules! I feel better ALL the time now. I've quit hacking, and my eyes don't burn after spraying either. Money well spent and I'd recommend this guy any day. He was great to do business with and shipped it that day. (Jace W)

Just received the Sprayfine HVLP gun, most impressed with the precision engineering compared to my old Capspray Maxum gun. (Neil H)

Great spray system, excellent guarantee, fast shipping. AAA+!! (Steven M)

WOW! Received item quickly and packaged well. Works even better than I expected (Kevin F)

Hey, it does blow cool air! Much cooler than my Fuji Turbine. Very nice! Thanks (Patrick A)

Highly recommended; nice fresh air system (Robert K)

Great spray gun (Ken K)

Giving The Gift Of Breath + Unbelievable PRODUCT from a Brillant SELLER!!! A+++ (Randy A)

Excellent equipment, shipped quickly (James C)

Great technical support, prompt shipment, product worked perfectly! (Brian S)

Great Respirator!!! We used it !!! And love it!! Top of the line system!! (Ralph D)

Fast ship. Definitely good value. Compare to Hobbyair brand! $400+ same quality (Simon H)