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How do hvlp spray guns work?

HVLP turbine motors produce extremely high volumes of over 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at very low pressures (3 - 8) psi (pounds per square inch). Compare this to a typical air compressor set-up of 45 - 60 psi at 8 CFM. HVLP turbines supply air at a much lower velocity producing a softer, easier to control spray. This allows you to lay the paint on gently and not blast it on. Benefits of HVLP include less overspray and less paint wastage. Transfer efficiencies can reach 85%, resulting in 30-50% savings on the cost of paint! The quality of the finish is identical to the best high-pressure spray finishes. In addition, the air from the SprayfineÔ turbine is heated by a process called adiabatic heating, eliminating any moisture in the finish being sprayed, and speeding up the flash-off rate, reducing runs and sags!

Click here for indepth info on the High Volume Low Pressure turbine sprayer facts and advantages

In some areas of the USA (Southern California for instance), high-pressure spray systems are prohibited in certain industries. HVLP turbine systems automatically comply with all known regulations in North America.

Brand New for 2006

SprayfineÔ A-301 3-Stage HVLP Turbine Sprayer!

Cheap HVLP Spray Guns Product Image

Sprayfine A301 HVLP Turbine Sprayer Systems are not cheap HVLP Spray guns, just because our prices are lower. Compare our quality and features below to the competition and discover why past customers say we beat competitors hands down and not only with lower prices.

Read about the Top quality features, gun specs, Needle/Nozzle material selection chart, Spray Pattern Selection and Size, Material Flow Adjustment and the many HVLP Advantages to Spray Virtually Any Material plus it Meets EPA Guidelines For Low VOC Emissions.

  • Save Paint, Reduce Overspray!

  • Comes with super high flex lightweight 25' air hose - perfect for auto painting!

  • Optional 35' hose available (add $10.00)

  • Produces 134 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow! The highest airflow of any unit!

  • Works with standard 120-Volt household electrical outlet!

  • Portable, requires no air compressor!

  • 3-stage, bypass tangential discharge turbine motor (motor cooling air is kept separate from spraying air)

  • Filters are economical and easy to replace!

  • Includes all metal all chrome bleeder gun w/1 qt cup (no plastic parts)

  • 1.3mm projector set installed (other size pro sets available for $30.00 apiece)

  • Optional 1-qt remote cup/gun assembly available (add $20.00)

  • Optional 2- qt remote cup/gun assembly available (add $70.00)

  • Includes paint cup holder!

  • Supplies heated, dry air - no need for moisture traps!

  • Full 2 year Warranty!

  • Full satisfaction warranty - return for any reason for full refund within 14 days!


SprayfineÔ HVLP turbine sprayer

  • Professional grade - All metal construction, no rubber or plastic parts - entire gun can be immersed in solvent for cleaning!

  • external packing nut, no need to remove nozzle to adjust needle packing!

  • Fully adjustable spray pattern

  • "twist and click" air cap for vertical fan, horizontal fan, or circular pattern

  • Spring loaded air cap moves in and out by simply turning retaining ring - adjust to spray any size pattern!

  • Material adjustment knob - enables you to control paint output, making small items as easy to spray as large items!

  • Works with any HVLP turbine system!

  • Provides the best atomization in the industry!

  • Projector sets available in the following sizes: 1.0mm; 1.3mm; 1.5mm; 1.8mm; 2.0mm

  • Bleeder gun with infinite adjustment of pattern size

  • Comes with 1.3mm projector set installed:
    recommended size for medium viscosity finishes such as:
    varnish, polyurethane, sealer, lacquer, stain, cellulose, automotive, acrylic, oil, creosote, wood primer

HVLP turbine sprayer Needle/Nozzle selection chart

Material Needle and Nozzle
Wood Stains, Lacquers, Automotive, Cellulose, Synthetics, Acrylic, Oil 1.00mm
Polyurethane, Glitter Paints, Cellulose, Acrylics, Synthetics, Lacquers, Fluorescents, Wood Stains, Creosote, Wood Primer 1.30mm
Oil Base, Oxides, Primers, Marine Paint, Varnish, Enamels, Multi-Color, Industrial Synthetics 1.50mm
Emulsions, Oxides, Chlorinated Rubber, Zinc Rich Primers 1.80mm
Hammers, Latex, Oil Base Primers, Enamels, Marine, Masonry Paints, Texture Coatings, Heavy Primers, Water and Solvent Based Adhesives 2.00mm

Spray Pattern selection

Spray Pattern Shape:
The Spray pattern is adjusted by turning the ears of the air cap into either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal position as shown below:

spray gun patterns

Spray Pattern Size:

To change the spray pattern size, screw the air cap ring in or out accordingly. Turning the ring clockwise will make the pattern bigger (and reduce the atomization). Turning the ring counterclockwise will make the pattern smaller (and increase atomization).

Material Flow Adjustment:

To increase the material flow, turn the adjusting knob on the back of the gun counterclockwise, to decrease the material flow, turn the adjusting knob clockwise

HVLP turbine sprayer Advantages

Saves You Time

  • Reduces work normally done by brush.

  • Clean up is fast and easy

  • Less draping and masking is needed

Saves You Money

  • Cuts material waste from overspray

  • Transfer efficiency of 85% or better

  • Save as much as 50% over conventional cheap hvlp spray guns


  • Sprays odd shapes Pinpoint control

  • Sprays all surfaces requiring a fine finish

  • Lightweight, self-contained, portable

  • Maximum control with minimal overspray or bounceback

  • You set the spray pattern and delivery

Meets EPA Guidelines For Low VOC Emissions

What are the most common uses for HVLP paint sprayers?

  • Office furniture, Cars and trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Bathtubs/shower stalls, Wall tile, Countertops, Shelves, Wrought-iron, Piping, Fences, Shutters, Lockers, Industrial Equipment, Doors, Signs, Woodworking, Cabinets and Trim Work to name a few. Excellent for reducing overspray and getting into tight areas for fine detail work.

What types of materials can be applied using your HVLP turbine sprayer?

  • Lacquers, Stains, Varnishes, Urethanes, Automotive Finishes, Solid-body stains, Oil or water-based enamels and house paints.
    Multi-colors Latex, Epoxy, Primers, Enamel, Stone finish paints, Adhesives, Hammer finish, Marine finishes, Chlorinated rubber, Cellulose, Creosote, Fluorescents, Aluminum and Texture coatings.

PRICE:  $449.00


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